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it is always difficult to calculate how much money one need for  retirement as corpus

however one needs to find a way to live comfortably after retirement

it is really sad to see many unable to save money for their rainy days

what amazes me is few who are capable of saving are not taking interest to save

they need to  understand the no body will take care of them once they retire and it is utmost important to save money

after 20 years we do not know what is the amount we need and what will be the economy look like

but one thing is sure that money in hand will be helpful

hence save regularly for retirement from day one

avoid unnecessary expenses which can be postponed

we have to plan our expenses which are in our control

many times i find young persons working in it companies keep spending money more than they earn

use of credit cards are reckless

so concentrate on retirement corpus which will save everyone from major crisis later

interest rates are likely to comedown and hence senior citizens will suffer more if their dependence on bank interest is high

let us spend time in planning for retirement

govt will not take care off our interest as they have not planned much

certainly bank deposits and post office deposit will not take care off your retirement





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