founded by A.K. Narayan (AKN),, Chartered Accountant specialises in comprehensive Financial Planning.  He has over 2 decades of experience in Capital Market.  From Chennai he serves over 500 clients in India and abroad.

Since 2004, AKN has been helping investors become educated about the financial products and investment opportunities that the market offers. The Firm offers strategy that helps eyery person to dream about his or her financial security.

At the core of AK Narayan Associates is the belief that every dream is personal and each investor deserves a personal plan AKN and his team will help you to create a persoanl plan that addresses savings, investments,insurance and tax matters.

In mutual funds and stocks , the team offers outstanding investment advice. The strategy is defensive and the goal is to build wealth over time.


  • Qualified Financial Consultant.
  • Possess over 2 decades of Capital Market Experience
  • Regular Contributor for Investor Education Meets.

What we do at AKN Associates?

  • True Financial Planning
  • Consider your Goals
  • Work towards Achieving Goal
  • Service available at A K Narayan Associates

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