Getting ‘Started
Each day is a good day to begin good investments.  Hence begin your relationship with A K Narayan Associates which will help you to plan for your Families future.

What is offered by AKNarayan Associate?
  • True financial planning:

It is an approach to plan financially on the services rendered. It is accomplished according to the client’s goals and objectives.

  • Adopting goal centric approach:

The main target is to fulfill the goals of the clients. By adopting this goal centric approach, the client can fulfill their major qualities like performance, time horizon and security of portfolio easily.

  • Plan for happy retirement

“Manage your money well to retire peacefully”

Retirement is a life of relaxation after a several huddles faced in life. Early savings and plan are required to lead a happy and peaceful retirement life.

  • How to reach your milestone?

Set your goals, plan your needs, invest early for future savings and stay patience for better performance.

Types of Financial Service at A K Narayan Associates

It helps the people to manage the related financial problems in well organized manner and help to reduce the burden of people regarding their investments.

  • Wealth management

Invest the money wide across the different asset classes like money, future and stock markets. It diversifies the wealth management of the clients.

  • Mutual funds

Generate returns of funds on the debt and money market. An equity mutual fund would generate returns according to the performance of stock market.

  • Tax consultation – limited review
  • Tax saving bonds
  • Tax saving schemes
How do we go about?

Conversation with interested clients, meeting the clients, reviews the existing clients portfolio, explain new funds and schemes. Invest with minimal amount and wait patiently to double it.

Does Financial Planning make a difference?

Yes, it will on a Long Term basis.
We Assure you of Comprehensive Financial Planning.
We want to increase the confidence of  investor

Confident Investors have:-
Less worries about Retirement
More satisfied the way they manage their Finances.
Reviewing their Portfolio atleast twice a year.

What we want to achieve:-
Develop an ongoing relationship with a financial advisor.
Financial needs change from person to person and hence the use of Financial Planners.
Stock Market is unpredictable and hence defensive strategy is vital.
Email your questions and we would be too glad to answer to achieve your Long term solutions.

Our observations on many investors Portfolio: –
Borrowing Heavily by Investors – It is one of the weakest Links.
Lack of Equity Exposure
The Cash flow is not steady.

How to Rectify the Above :-
Meet the Consultant at AK Narayan Associates.
We will teach you how to make a Cash flow Statement.

Health and Life Insurance:-
Lack of having adequate Insurance Cover.  It is a must for every individual today.

What do we Advise?

Educate you on Mutual Fund Investments
How Mutual Funds are different from  IPO’s and Equity is brought out to you.
We teach you the risk elements involved in investing.
We emphasise on Long Term investing to create wealth.

Plugging Loopholes.



KYC abbreviates as “know your clients”. This KYC would help to protect the clients and distributor from the risk. All the clients who are invested are been noticed and protected under the investment advisors with the help of KYC. It helps the distributor to handle and decide the client’s personal folio and financial requirement to invest on any schemes.

KYC Requirement

  • PAN card with self attested
  • Passport size photo with self attested
  • Address proof
  • KYC Form

For NRI Clients:

PAN card is mandatory for all the clients. They have to give passport copy, address proof of overseas with self attested.

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